Custom Exhibits

  •   Our E.D.I.E. Exhibits Line for Education in STEM and STEAM For Arizona
    ▐ Dynamic ▐ Intuitive ▐ Informed

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E.D.I.E. Educational Demonstrative Interactive Exhibits

We can design and fabricate custom exhibits for classrooms or for traveling purposes. With 30 years experience in science exhibit building we can make just about anything. Contact us for ideas and estimates.

Traveling Custom Rolling Crates

▐ Chemistry  ▐ Electrical ▐ Plumbing ▐ Solar  ▐ Motors vs. Generators  ▐  Magnetics

▐ Secure Art Cases   ▐ Class in a Crate, a full semester of exploration in one place and you can purchase rent or lease. We even offer a loaner program to qualified schools or programs.

Arduino Circuit Boards

ARDUINO CIRCUIT BOARDS and kits available with software

Vibration Plate

Chladni Plate

Vibrating Metal Plates that demonstate sound patterns and frequency…Oh and they look cool.

you tube


Basic Electrical Wiring

Alot of fun provided by industry professionals

We are happy to help you make your classroom STEAM, some of our exhibits are available for Lease by the semester, by the day or week.

PVC Tube Drums

Custom PVC TUBE Drums made to order…any size, color or shape.

Long tubes make low tones!! Maybe this is just for the fun of it !

Great for people who need to have more mobility as physical therapy

String Art

Simple strings make complex shapes..

Math ART with geometric

algorithms  Nails, String and a whole lot More! Wall art you take home !



More STE[+a]M Exhibits being added all the time. Exhibits made by professional designers and builders. For prices or to ask for more information call Marty at 623 240-2206 or email

Pay by check or paypal, shipping extra outside Metro Glendale, AZ